Application Handling System (SOW)

Application Handling System is an innovative solution to support the process of handling requests for bank products. It allows to receive, manage, administer and process applications flowing from a variety of channels.

Due to the high degree of flexibility of the program, you can easily define the changing banking products, adding new distribution channels, changes in methods of assessing the credit rating and creditworthiness.

SOWA Module

A desktop application designed for branch and central banks. In the Front Office it allows you to enter any type of application, together with the data on applicants and guarantors and securities. The built-in flow of work and documents assists the users in processing the application, assessing and accepting it. The system contains CRM elements that allow the registration of applications which are still at the stage of prospect or lead. It contains a record of contacts with customers and provides a channel of communication with intermediaries. In addition, from the level of the SOWA module, you can perform certain operations in the Core Banking System (checking the current client involvement in the bank, founding a company file or individual files, opening a loan agreement, etc.).

The Back Office application includes features that automate the processing of the application, supports common operations performed by employees in this process by verifying the correctness and completeness of the data, the analysis of the application and the handling of the steps of acceptance. The system allows the ability to assess the creditworthiness of the customer and the methodology applicable to the bank. The selection of the appropriate procedures for assessing the application may depend on the amount requested, the total commitment of the bank’s client, the legal form of the company, the way tax is settled, the origin of the application, etc.. The system allows you to attach ready client assessment diagrams in which you can easily enter the parameters. Examples of diagrams:

  • Scoring assessment
  • Simplified rating
  • Implementation of a SWOT analysis
  • Calculation of income and financial surplus
  • Implementation of cash flow statement
  • Ratio analysis (full accounting)
  • Examination of the balance sheet and income statement
  • Analysis of projected cash flows for investment loans

The program provides for communication with external databases such as BIK, DZ MIG, MIG BR, and the bank’s internal databases. Additionally, the system verifies the data in the application, i.e. securities, maintenance costs or liabilities. After the analysis of all the indicators, the system generates a readable report on the query results.

The application provides an efficient flow of work and documents among participants of the loan process. It allows you to track the status of applications, to transfer the acceptance steps. The system consists of an archive of documents containing all the documents related to the client, some of which are generated automatically based on predefined printout templates.

SÓWKA Module

The web application designed for brokers or dealers selling bank products. The application provides an intermediary with a product catalogue along with its metrics and conditions of sale. It simplifies the intermediary  selection and sale of the product to the customer. It enables the application to be recorded in the banking system and track its status. It allows you to attach documents required by the bank. In addition, the application accelerates the process of settling the broker commission with the bank.