Bailiff System (SOK)

Bailiff System (SOK) is used to record and handle tasks performed by bailiffs and titles of execution received from entities of state administration and local government, such as Urząd Skarbowy or ZUS. SOK automates most of the tasks associated with activities performed by a bailiff, the most important are:

  • Checks whether the seizure concerns the bank customer,
  • Generating a letter to the enforcement officer about unsuccessful seizure,
  • Blocking the customer’s account,
  • Ongoing monitoring of balances on blocked accounts and informing employees of the bank for payments made,
  • Making transfers to the accounts of bailiff,
  • Maintaining and archiving correspondence,
  • Verification of the amounts transferred to law enforcement agencies, depending on the account type (individual or company), quotas free of executions, the confluence of execution,
  • Unlocking customer accounts,
  • Registrations of contact with the customer.

The system shall maintain records of bailiffs and offices that may apply to the bank with a writ of execution. This allows you to verify whether the transfer of receivables is made using the correct account. Additionally, the system has a set of standard templates of letters used for correspondence related to the activity account. The system supports the user in the calculation of contractual interest and penalties according to the scheme set out in the writ of execution. Complementary functionality of the system is the module circulation of documents and tasks associated with the process of judicial services.

Basic and main activities performed by a bailiff are used in the system. The program allows simultaneous registration of all the debtors listed in one of the writ of execution. After an introduction to the system, you can verify whether any of the companies or individuals is a customer of the bank. If not, it automatically generates a letter about the unsuccessful seizure. In the instance that the debtor is a bank customer, you have the possibility to block their accounts together with an indication of the amount of free classes. Below is an example of tasks performed by a bailiff:

All the necessary operations associated with operating activities are gathered in one place in the system. The user can from this level check whether deposits have appeared in blocked accounts, the transfer of money to the account of the bailiff, record customer contact, lock and unlock accounts, generate and register correspondence with the bailiff:

Below is an example of the form used for the transfer to the account of the bailiff or other the enforcing authority: