The purpose of the converter is to change the payment messages generated from the banking system DEF3000 / CB to messages MT, and then transfer them through the SWIFT network to the SORBNET2 system. The converter can be supplied data using the existing functionality of the DEF3000 / CB: Accounting-Sorbnet. As a result, the transition from Sorbnet on SORBNET2 does not involve changes to the ICT infrastructure of the bank. The converter converts the following types of messages:

  • Payment messages: MT 103, MT 103+, MT 202, MT202COV,
  • Informational messages: MT 012, MT 019, MT 900, MT 910, MT 940 and MT 950.

The converter provides payment orders that can be parameterized and define rules for processing. Outgoing payment orders are automatically filled with the information required by SWIFT and SORBNET2. The application also allows for manual replenishment orders. Incoming orders are routed to the right place according to pre-defined processing rules.

Logs and managing the queue of orders

The system contains a record of all transactions passing through the converter. This allows monitoring of account balances at NBP. The Bank has the opportunity to review all of the changes made to the bill during an operating day and monitoring the current liquidity (as far as possible with the least amount of inquiries to NBP).
The preview range of payment in the current operating day includes:

  • orders executed, rejected, waiting in line, load and discretionary,
  • payments pending for execution in the next 5 business days (load and discretionary)
  • payments made in the last 30 calendar days,
  • queue management of orders, which the participant is the issuer:
    • change the priority of payments,
    • transfer payments to the beginning or the end of the queue.

Technical assumptions

The system is made in J2EE. JBOSS application server, Oracle database (commercial or free), the UA is realized using JSF / JSP.