Consulting in obtaining EU funds

Informatyka Bankowa POLSOFT sp. z o.o. offers consulting in the supervision of the implementation of IT projects, as well as the IT audit for companies and institutions applying for grants from EU funds. We provide the following services, among others:

  • Development of projects such as:
    • diagnosis of the company’s strategic objectives for the criteria of assistance programs,
    • preparation of a preliminary design.
  • Choosing the right assistance program:
    • selection of the formulas for application,
    • choosing the method of financing the project,
    • verification of the objectives of the project, submitted to the aid program.
  • Preparation of the application:
    • comprehensive preparation of application documents,
    • Review of the applications for formal and substantive criteria selected program aid,
    • supervision procedures for the submission of the application.
  • Overseeing the implementation of the project:
    • supervision of compliance between the assumptions and criteria of the program,
    • monitoring of costs concerning the various stages of the program.

We have the relevant expertise and experience in the implementation of projects in the field of information technology.

The assumptions of using the assistance resources in information technology involve the construction and development of the information society. This priority seeks to support the development of applications for the needs of entrepreneurs to enhance innovation in the Polish economy. The beneficiaries of the program can be:

  • government entities,
  • local government units,
  • consortia of public administration and research units,
  • Enterprises.

Funding will be provided for projects for entrepreneurs – electronic businesses, as well as projects for the benefit of citizens and public administration. They will include:

  • construction of electronic platforms to provide public services for citizens and businesses,
  • reconstruction and implementation of state registers,
  • development of public information systems,
  • e-services in the B2B sector,
  • actions for allowing citizens to have access to broadband Internet.

In Wielkopolska, the pool is scheduled to be 10.8 million Euros for the project for the Construction and development of the information society, including, but not limited to:

  • telecommunications infrastructure (broadband networks)
  • services and applications for SMEs (e-commerce, education),
  • measures to improve access to information technology for small and medium-sized businesses.

The general assumption is that to achieve greater competitiveness of the economy, it is crucial to improve the infrastructure of the Wielkopolska region in reference to other regions in the European Union. Within the category of the information society intervention, the plans will include:

  • services and applications for citizens (e-government, e-health, e-learning, e-inclusion)
  • information and communication technologies.